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Test Yourself with 10 Random questions

It's good to analyze yourself to  know about your positive points as well your limitations So why not take a random  test today ?   Here are some questions which you should try to answer to yourself only and i request you to do it mindfully. 1. How are you feeling today ? Energetic , Stagnant or bored ? 2. Right now , are you thinking about today , yesterday or tomorrow ?  Remember today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday . Yesterday is gone . That was past . Learn from your past but don't let the past disturb you in the present or hinder your growth in the future . 3. In the past few days did you talk something good about yourself ? Daily you talk a lot about others but do you talk about yourself too ? Sometimes we  have a tendency not to boast or talk good about ourselves even when we have accomplished something . The way you talk about yourself makes an impact. Always speak  empowering words about yourself, "Whenever you think of beautiful things , count yourse

X-axis , Y-axis and the Graph of Life

 In mathematics there is a topic of statistics where we make frequency distribution  tables , work on probability and plot graphs using X-axis and Y-axis . I loved this chapter when i was a student and i even love it today being a teacher also . Let's make a graph of our lives using these X-axis and Y-axis . Ok , let me take a graph paper and choose 15 important moments of my life , both positive and negative . I am going to plot them and see how my life graph looks . Happier the moment is , higher it goes on positive side and sadder the moment is , lower it goes on negative side of Y-axis . Got it ??? Let's go !! How does my life graph look ? Good that there are more of positive moments than the sad ones . What else do i need ?  In previous BlogchatterA2Z i wrote a post about  X-factor which is still close to my heart . You may want to read it here    XFactor I am writing this post as part of # BlogchatterA2Z month long writing festival

Why do I write ?

 I have been writing a blog for the last five years and many times people question me why do i write . Well ! I don't have an exact answer . But whenever someone has asked me this question ' Why do you write ?' i have answered in the form of some question only like 'Why do you go shopping ?' or 'Why do you love to  go  on vacation?'  Actually the basic answer is that it feels good . It makes me happy , contented and also a little proud of myself . The feeling when i boasted about being an author is incomparable . May be you don't read me but I keep writing for myself - to reflect on my life experiences and learn from them. Earlier i used to feel depressed when people didn't read me but now it's just between me and my blog . Writing  helps me connect to my creative side and helps increase my vocabulary also. Writing provides an escape when reality becomes too complex. I like to write because it allows me to focus on a subject  and helps me relieve


When sun shines after the rain , the tiny water droplets create a beautiful VIBGYOR in the sky.  The different colors come as different strengths in our lives to make us shine and create a vibrant VIBGYOR in our lives . Violet is to Value yourself  The moment you value yourself ,the world starts to value you .  Indigo asks you to be as cool as Ice  Just don't get fired up at what shit people talk of you .  Brown asks you to face the world Boldly To face with courage what the ordinary fear Green reminds you to never forget Gratitude Grateful people find many blessings from the universe. Yellow is the color of sunshine enriching you with sunny side of Life  But remember  To shine like sun , u may have to burn  like sun! Orange symbolises the freshness of  Oneness  Stay connected with your friends as Oneness is the thread that binds us together Red denotes to  refuse and Roar  When it's high time of meowing , let your success make the roar. Let these colors of strengths carve out

Uplift your mood

 My evening today was not good . I was doing all domestic chores in a  burdened way. I tried watching some  movie but it couldn't interest me . One of my colleagues called to intimate me of  some upcoming duty. That further pressurized my bad  mood . I wore my shoes , put on my headphones and got ready for a walk . After walking for around half an hour and listening to old bollywood , my feet took me towards the splash pool where children were enjoying . I removed my shoes and sat there at the edge of the pool dipping my feet into the water. Watching me , one of my friends also came and sat along . Both of us sat for quite  long on the edge of pool - chatting and dabbling our toes in the water. This cooled my mind and uplifted my mood .  You need to find  your own ways to uplift your mood as and when required . Music , Dance ,Good food , Laughing , shopping ,picnic ,  playing any sport you like , painting , talking to someone , chanting a mantra for few minutes - any of these may w

Mindfulness ki Aisi ki Taisi

 Two years ago I had written two posts about mindfulness on my blog . One was about what mindfulness is and other exclusively  about food mindfulness. Food mindfulness suggests that one gets conscious of one's food plate - check if the ingredients are high in carbs or low in proteins , check if you are consuming more sugary foods , keep a check that your breakfast plate should me fullest and dinner plate the lightest . There's lot to be checked you know . But point is that if i keep checking all this stuff ,how do i enjoy food ?  What's the harm if my cheese is  served as paneer butter masala ? Won't chole bhature mind if i have only dry chapati with moong dal ? And why these sprouts and salads  feel egoistic in being on top of food mindfulness? Kya gunaah kar diya humne agar cream salad kha liya ? After all it's a salad only .   And you know my breakfast plate just does not obey the rule of it being heaviest.  Instead the dinner plate gets jam packed. Actually in